One of the great things I am learning is how tremendous amounts of scientific research is really changing the landscape of treating, managing, and living well with MS. I saw a little phrase that I agree with earlier today: MS is BS.

Yes. MS is BS, no doubt. But MS is also Beatable Someday.

The first medication to treat MS did not hit the market until 1993. Since then, there have been many more treatments approved and available for relapsing-remitting MS. There are stem-cell research trials with promising results. There’s also a considerable amount of research on lifestyle and lifestyle modifications, exercise, diet…you name it. You can’t run out of information and research to absorb if you tried.

Right now learning about MS and all that comes with it feels like a full-time job. Some days it can be overwhelming, other days its frightening…especially since it is still a very raw and new diagnosis for me. I’m a compulsive planner, so the idea that I can’t really plan for everything or predict what “happens next” is anxiety-inducing. Coupled with the appointments, tests, and decisions I need to make about my treatment…it makes it seem like MS is taking over my life.

I’ve been reassured by my doctors, nurses, therapists, and many in the MS community that these first few months and decisions/next steps are the hardest to manage. That this is a bump in the road, and that once the puzzle pieces are put together things will feel better. I honestly believe them. I look back at weird things that I’ve experienced in my past that could be attributed to MS and realize I got through them all. I don’t doubt my ability to persevere. I’ve been thrown into the deep-end of the pool by surprise and maybe right now I’m still trying to get the water out of my nose (which sucks!). But, we all know that after that shock, the face burning subsides and we get back to staying afloat.

One thing that gives me a mountain of hope is how fast science is nipping MS in the booty. I see news releases and articles about FDA clinical trials and studies constantly, and the rate of these updates is astonishing. I’m working on getting my act together, getting informed, letting go of my over-planning and controlling nature, and putting together a top-notch medical team. And I have a feeling that by the time I get my act together, there will be something new and awesome that will help people with MS that isn’t available today. I really doubt MS can keep up with that pace.




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